​"My daughter has grown so much since going to Leeward. When she first started, she was in a very bad place...now she has so much more confidence and can actually handle having bad days...I am so thankful & grateful!" ~51yo mom from Whitman

Services Provided

Call or text Rachael at (781) 424-8119 or email rachael@leewardcounseling.com if you have any questions. 

"Being able to do video sessions with my therapist has been a lifesaver. I don't have to start over with someone new and its super convenient"

"Leeward is very welcoming, personal & casual. I always feel comfortable there, even if I am just waiting to start my appointment"

~22yo from Duxbury

Welcome to LEEWARD COUNSELING. We work hard to match you with the right therapist to fit not only your treatment needs but also your personality - your comfort is always our top priority.

Individual Therapy

This form of therapy is the most common and each session lasts about 45 minutes. By expressing what you are struggling with and want to improve upon you will set measurable goals with your therapist and a concrete plan to achieve them. New clients will typically come in once a week to get the process of recovery started as soon as possible and eventually decrease the frequency of visits.

Family Counseling

Helping families resolve reoccurring conflict, improve family communication, establish and maintain family roles to strengthen relationships and restore a positive family life. We also help with coparenting and blended family dynamics. 

Couples Counseling

Assisting couples (married or not) understand the roots of conflict, increase effective communication and build skills to get back to a harmonious relationship. We are also skilled at working with couples where one member is resistant to treatment. 

Child and Adolescent Therapy 

We have many staff members that specialize in working with children

from behavioral issues to school-related anxiety. There are many challenges children face in society today and helping them build emotional awareness and resilience can lay the foundation for a successful and happy adulthood. We also work with family members to understand & support their child throughout the process.

Telehealth (Video Sessions)

When life gets busy your mental health doesn't have to take a backseat. All of our clinicians offer HIPPA compliant video sessions which are a great alternative to having to come into your session every week. Many of our clients utilize this service who move, change the hours of their jobs, have busy schedules or want to work with our therapists but live far away. 

Sports & Performance Psychology 

Many young athletes or high performing adults are seeking sport psychology consultants to help them manage their emotions so that they can perform at their best. This includes all sporting events but also other types of performance, testing, presentations or high intensity careers. We have a handful of trained sport and performance therapists that will teach  the skills needed to have a clear mind, calm nerves & the mental edge for elite performance. 

"Is medication an option if I need it?" 

Putting yourself or your child on medication is always a choice left up to the individual. We are not "pill-pushers" and will not insist that you go on medication. If medication seems like the appropriate treatment to the clinician and the client, we will work with your primary care and/or prescribers to make sure that those needs are met. . 

Therapy Dog Work

If you are an animal lover than look no further! Leeward Counseling therapists have certified therapy dogs on site that act as a comfort to aid the therapy process. Being able to interact with a dog is scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of acceptance. If you are allergic or do not like dogs, that's no problem - please make that known at the intake.