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Our clinician, Shayla Keenan, provides great insight into the challenges for parents right now taking on the job of parent, teacher, coach and much more in the video below, titled: "At Home with Young Children". She provides education as well as skills to use to navigate life at home with amidst the COVID-19 pandemic . Click on the link below to watch Shayla's interview with Courtney!

Additional Resource created by Isabelle: 

Resource Center

Free Mental Health Resources made by Leeward Counseling Therapists. These resources will include general education around different mental health topics, practical ways to manage and an opportunity for you to ask any of your own questions and hear answers from the experts. Feel free to provide feedback, give us topics you are interested in and ask any questions!! Thank you for all your support.

Isabelle Grenier out of our Scituate office filmed a video discussing how to best keep up with our routines and self-care as we navigate this unique and challenging time. She provides helpful and easy tips to continue to keep a schedule for yourself to maintain normalcy as well as ways to continue to practice self-care. Click the link below to view Isabelle's video!

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Jared Whitmire ​wrote an insightful and very relevant article titled, "Finding and Creating Normal" where he focuses on the resiliency of humans and how we can continue to connect and stay positive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the link below to read Jared's article!

Watch this Webinar by Courtney Culnane, owner & psychotherapist where she dives into understanding the emotions that many are feeling around COVID-19 and learn practical ways to cope with the overwhelm, fear and anxiety. ​Click on the link below to bring you to video!


Take a minute to check in with yourself and your mental health, we've created this "Personal Check-In Worksheet" to guide you through a self check in.  Feel free to contact us at 781-424-8119 or info@leewardcounseling.com with questions or for additional support.