How may days have passed where you have been anxious, unfulfilled, or  unhappy? Do you keep thinking it will get better on your own but you're still stuck?

Maybe you've tried counseling before, and ended up with little or no progress. Maybe you don't know where to start, or worry that therapy won't work. 

The truth is, most people feel the same way - but there is a solution.

We have the counselors that use the method that you need to succeed. About 94% of our clients felt that not only were their goals being accomplished in working with a Leeward Counseling therapist, but they felt comfortable & connected in therapy too. ​​

The therapy process can be simplified & productive. You can live the life you dream of with a little help from Leeward. 


Modern, Comfortable Therapy. ​​

Real Results. 

  • Winner, Best of Hanover in the Therapist category 

  • Winner, IFAH (International Forum on Advancement in Health Care) Top 100 Health Care Leader

  • About 94% of clients say that they feel as though within the first few sessions they felt connected to their therapist and were already making progress. 

**Anti Discrimination Statement* - All Leeward Counseling employees & client must be willing to challenge racist & discriminatory systems and confront one’s own biases, stereotypes, and racial worldview. Moving forward, our actions will continue to be culturally competent, meeting our clients where they are at. We are committed to anti-racism & anti-discrimination of all kinds, and hope for positive change for the future.

Customized Treatment Plan

We map out your goals with a custom, detailed plan and timeline to accomplishment, so you feel totally in control. 


2) Meet & Create Plan

Meet with your Leeward counselor and develop your personalized treatment plan.

1) Schedule Appointment 

Contact our intake specialist to be matched with the perfect therapist. 

Administrative Hours: M-F: 9am-5pm


5 Pack, $485  

Contact Us Today to Start Your Road to Self-Improvement.

Accepting New Clients In-Person & Telehealth

Session in a Luxury Office

...or use our convenient video session option! Being comfortable is an essential ingredient to improvement. 


One session at a time. 

You can't improve unless you ask for help.​

Experience the Leeward Difference. 

Clinical  Hours: M-F: 8AM - 8PM      781-424-8119


10 Pack, $940  

3) Get Results

Feel your life begin to improve as you grow to learn about yourself. 

Pricing Options.

Click below to see our pricing benefits, approach to payment plans, and how you can potentially get reimbursed by your insurance carrier.

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*Once appointments are confirmed with Jackie, our 24 hour cancelation policy is in place regardless of if the contract is signed* 

"My therapist at Leeward is the first therapist I have ever been able to connect with that provides straight talk and direction. I'm finally making real progress" -Leeward Client

our most popular option! 

"Leeward is awesome. My therapist has helped me so much in a short time - very professional, thoughtful, e​mpathetic, and provides helpful suggestions." ~32yo from Hingham

Personalized Therapist Match

​We match you with the right therapist for your symptoms and personality so that you don't waste time getting to know someone who isn't going to work.