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Pricing FAQ:


​10 session pack, $999

Health Insurance is a wonderful service to protect people in routine and emergency situations-here is why we don't take HMO plan health insurance & believe that our pricing system is in our clients best interests:

PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY- When you use your health insurance you have to sign a release of information for your insurance to have access to all your records. There is a chance that dozens of people will be privy to your most private information. With us, nothing leaves the building unless you want it to & you have true confidentiality.

NO MENTAL ILLNESS LABELS- In order for your insurance to pay for any medical service there has to be a proven mental illness diagnosis-And that diagnosis will likely be a part of your medical record forever. Leeward believes that you are so much more than what you are going through in the moment and don't need to be labeled. We can diagnose if it's appropriate. 

​TREATMENT YOUR WAY- Insurance companies often limit sessions and put parameters on how many sessions it takes before you "should" be better. The problem is that the people determining the "medical necessity" don't even know you, they know your symptoms on paper. We believe in pacing treatment so that you are the most comfortable and productive-and you don't need to feel like there has to be a big enough problem to justify taking care of yourself. 

UP FRONT PRICING-Insurance benefits change all the time for people. Some examples are: copay changes, deductibles, employers changing insurance companies or plans, insurance changing behavioral health contracts and more. We never want to see people connect with a therapist and then be bombarded with financial changes. With us, you know what to expect financially. 

REIMBURSEMENT- Many insurances will reimburse you for your sessions, but this may mean you will need to comply with some of the insurance rules mentioned above. If you have a PPO plan or out of network benefits we can help you get reimbursed or show you other options that your insurer may support. 

Pricing Options.

our most popular option!

See below for our pricing benefits, approach to payment plans, and how you can potentially get reimbursed by your insurance carrier.

See our prices, starting at $123/session.

*Packages are valid only for individual sessions and select clinicians.

*Prices vary depending on individual or family/couples counseling. 


​5 session pack, $550

"I was skeptical, but I am so happy that I decided to go to Leeward & not a regular therapist. This process has changed my life...& you can't put a price on your happiness."