Our Mission:

Face it, how many people do we know would benefit from counseling? Chances are everyone can look at themselves honestly and say that they’ve needed counseling at some point. But there’s something inside that says no. There’s part of you that knows it’s going to be difficult and hard to start when you don’t know where to start. But most likely it’s the fear of the therapist. The worry about what the person on the other side of the room is going to think or say and especially not wanting to have someone else be the conductor of your life. This is a legitimate fear because we believe that many therapists and traditional therapy styles are like this – which is what inspired us to start Leeward Counseling as a new age counseling clinic.

We believe that modern, self help counseling means you are working with someone who is professionally trained and knowledgable but doesn’t view themselves as any better than you. This style of counseling is client-focused, ensuring the client is comfortable and establishing that trust between therapist and client. This is your journey and you have to do it your way. Therefore, the therapists job is to help you explore yourself to find the solutions that are best for you. Therapists are trained to provide professional skills that reduce symptoms from a variety of modalities, but the focus is being in a 100% non-judgmental environment so you can decide for you what makes you happy. Positive psychology, a relatively new field, is the study of positive emotions and how to create them as opposed to the traditional methods of psychology that are focused on people’s problems and fixing them. We routinely incorporate positive psychology into our practice so people can resolve their negative symptoms, focus on the good & feel amazing.

While customer service, results and productivity are our top priority, we don’t talk down to you, use any fancy language and often incorporate humor while focusing on your strengths. Therapy is like the gym – there are people that need to be there for their imminent health and safety and there are people who go to better themselves and maintain mental health. And just like the gym, it can be hard but when you leave we want you to feel amazing and accomplished.

Welcome to our modern self help counseling clinic – we are happy to be your allay in living a fulfilling life and realizing your potential.